Of course, in recent years, the Food Containers debate over Bisphenol A (BPA) has linked plastic bottles to almost every physical ailment known, including, but not limited to, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Environmental Health Sciences recently reported on a study that seems to show that BPA can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the mouth, similar to the way nitroglycerin might be absorbed under the tongue. Should this study prove true, it will lend credence to the negative claims against BPA that have been largely ignored in certain parts of the world. While glass bottles present a safety concern in that they can break and shatter, given this recent study it would appear that glass is the safer of the two materials.

If anything, the recent study on BPA would seem to give a clear edge to the return to glass bottles over plastic counterparts. However, there are other considerations as well. First, much of the debate stems around glass versus plastic, though other alternatives exist. For example, a container made from plant material is in the works. Aluminum cans seem to have neither a strong backing nor outspoken critics. This despite the fact that it may have an advantage in recycling (higher value equals a higher incentive to recycle) and in weight over glass containers. Some aluminum cans, however, contain BPA in the liner.

Packagers will also look at their existing set up before making any large changes to their packaging process. Though sustainable packaging rightfully continues to gain popularity, companies can still be expected to weigh cost of material, profit and other factors into selecting a package. Also, facilities set up with packaging machinery for plastic bottles, such as liquid fillers, capping machines and other equipment, will be unlikely to jump at the opportunity to switch to glass, if such a jump requires tens of thousands of dollars to purchase all new packaging machinery. Finally, right or wrong, not all consumers are concerned with the sustainable packaging process. For some - maybe many - convenience and personal preference will trump sustainability. As long as this statement is true, the companies doing the packaging will attempt to give the consumers what they want, even at the expense of sustainability.

Sign Holders

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Clear Artificial Containers and Atramentous Acrylic Bins

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