There are many ways to decorate with Plastic Cup any glow product. You can outline doorways or gateways. Line the top of a fence. Line an entire wall or building. Sliding patio doors that are lined with glow sticks make a real statement. If the door opens and closes often you'll also have a moving light show. Get creative with outlining your yard. Can you outline a garden wall or border? Can you outline a walkway? That is one really good way to not only keep people walking on the right path, but it's just enough illumination so they won't trip and fall. Glow sticks are safe as well as entertaining.

How about a yard clock? Do you have a clock outside near your pool or patio? How about attaching a light weight glow stick to each of the hands on the clock? Do you have a pool where you can outline the ladder? The things you can do to dress up a yard with glow sticks is endless.

Glow sticks under a clear plastic dish or bowl that you keep plastic knives, forks and spoons in can really make a unique statement. Use clear utensils and the glow will be transmitted throughout the entire container. You can do the same with glassware if you are using real glass (or even with clear plastic cups) by putting glow sticks under a pane of glass, or Plexiglas, and setting the glasses and cups on top of that. The glow will show through the glassware.

Have people dancing with glow sticks. This is often called rave dancing and is really a showy action. How about attaching glow sticks to large grasses or plants? How about on the branches of a tree where the wind will catch them and they'll glow in motion. Anyone for outlining a tree? How about twisting some up and making a smiley face right on the trunk of a sizable tree?

Don't overlook other glow products. There are glow glasses that actually light up. These are battery operated and flash and glow all at the same time. Ever drink something that is glowing? This can be a show stopper and a real conversation creator.

Ever gone for a party or evening meal where you've gotten bored before? Thinking of organizing your own exciting party or dinner for family and friends? Well you might want to consider getting some light up glasses to spice up the occasion.

What Are Light Up Glasses?

You're bound to serve drinks in your party or dinner. So instead of using the boring old plastic cups or normal glass cups, try serving your drinks in light up martini glasses. That is provided if you're planning on serving alcohol to your guests. Anyway, light up glasses are basically special made plastic glasses that comes with LED lights and batteries that are attached to the bottom of the glasses. Now before you panic thinking that you Plastic Plate will have trouble washing these glasses, the manufacturers have designed them in such a way that the bottom section of the glasses can be removed easily. Don't want them to light up? Just remove the batteries or the bottom section of the glass.