To truly "Green" your personal Food Containers care routine choose products that are designed with "environmental intelligence" from start to finish; are made entirely in the USA --preferably in the region where you live; and don't pose any known safety risks to your health.

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Your Health

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Today more than ever before, the concept of recycling has taken on epic proportions and people everywhere are concerned about reusing and recycling items to create less waste. Even grade school children are learning about procedures to recycle plastic and other containers rather than throwing them away. Some studies suggest that a plastic container remains in the garbage, at the dump site for far longer than it should.

Many initiatives towards recycling and reusing containers have been established and are successfully keeping the efforts going to use plastic items such as drinkware again and again. When it comes to this type of sturdy, reusable container, it makes perfect sense to consider imprinting drinkware to advertise your business. Restaurants use this concept for their beverage contained with paper and styrofoam products that advertise their business everywhere that people take these beverages to. It is an instant and continuous way to keep their business name before the eyes of the public so that regular customers and new customers can see the products and think about having it themselves.

Of course, organically grown and produced products are safer because of the extremely low exposure to pesticides, and because organic farming practices are non-polluting and totally sustainable.

There are an alarming number of chemical and petroleum ingredients that go into making personal care and beauty products --not to mention some scary by-products of the manufacturing process. In March 2008, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) commissioned a study that found that even some of the leading "natural" and "organic" personal care products contain a highly toxic ingredient called 1,4-Dioxane. This is a by-product of "Ethoxylation" --a cheap short-cut companies use to soften harsh ingredients. 1,4-Dioxane is considered a cancer-causing chemical by the State of California under it's exhaustive Proposition 65 regulation.

When looking at the primary impact on your health and safety, you should also consider the secondary impact of washing these ingredients off your skin and down the drain. What happens when toxic chemicals and petroleum ingredients wind up in our rivers and streams1,4-Dioxane is has been identified as a leading groundwater contaminant, and is a good example of the hidden dangers that can lurk in products we blithely assume are safe.

3. What Happens At the End of the Line?

Imagine having your business gain the fame and fortunate of a fast food restaurant or other well-known establishment. With imprinted drinkware such as sports bottles and travel mugs, you can send your business to the far reaches of the world and have your business name announced everywhere that these Plastic Food Containers handy and reusable containers go.